Lawsuits and Litigation

Our Attorneys are Adept at the Process of Litigation and Knowing When to Litigate, When to Arbitrate and When Negotiation and Mediation Skills Are Best Leveraged

Lawsuits and Litigation

 TORTI FLANAGAN’s attorneys have experienced litigation from the point of view as in-house counsel and as outside litigation counsel. We understand the cost of litigation and the burden it places on a company and the disruption to its day to day operations and resources. We make every attempt to keep the cost and disruption to a minimum.

Although we do our best to reach a negotiated resolution to all business disputes, litigation it is sometimes unavoidable. Our law firm has vast experience in state courts, federal courts, arbitrations and mediation proceedings. We staff each case with a Partner that leads the case from beginning to end to maintain continuity and to eliminate duplication of efforts. We understand the inefficiencies that can drive up costs in litigation and we avoid them.

We have represented all types of businesses and their owners in a full range of disputes including technology companies, owner driven business, single person independent contractors and large scale organizations. We understand how business must protect its valuable assets, including its highly developed trade secrets, intellectual property, as well as its contractual agreements. We have represented companies as diverse as old line manufacturing companies, training companies, software and App developers and personnel consultants. We provide the legal expertise to a variety of organization to help them handle disputes with maximum efficiency.

We have handled business disagreements that end up in complex commercial litigation, including:

 Corporate and Business Litigation

  •  Breach of Contract in the transfer of stock
  •  Breach of Shareholder Equity Agreement
  •  Breach of Fiduciary Duty of an Executive, Officer and Director
  •  Fraud by an Executive in misappropriation of corporate opportunity
  •  Breach of Buy-Sell Agreement
  •  Breach of Asset Purchase Agreement
  •  Breach of Secured Promissory Note
  •  Breach of Contract
  •  Breach of Software Development Agreement
  •  Breach of Distribution Agreement

 Human Resources Litigation

  •  Breach of Proprietary Rights Agreement
  • Breach of Noncompetition and Non-Solicitation Agreement
  • Unfair Completion of Former Employee
  • Breach of compensation and wages Agreement
  • Commissions Agreement Litigation
  • Employment Discrimination Litigation
  • Actions by minority shareholders in business disputes
  • Partnership disputes

 Intellectual Property Litigation


Trademark Litigation

  •  Trademark Infringement Litigation
  •  Trademark Opposition Proceeding with the TTAB

 Copyright Infringement

  •  Copyright Infringement by competitor
  • Copyright Infringement by customer

 Patent Infringement

  •  Patent Litigation in computer technology

 Trade Secret Litigation

  •  Trade Secret Litigation in computer software
  •  Misappropriation of business confidential information

           General Commercial Litigation

 Charity Fraud

 Federal Court Litigation against multinational charity for undue influence and fraud in accepting gifts from elderly donor.

         Insurance Coverage Disputes

 Experience in denial of coverage for commercial insurance coverage by business owner

Making the Experienced Choice

Our attorneys are adept at the process of litigation and knowing when to litigate, when to arbitrate, and when negotiation and mediation skills are best leveraged.

We understand the impact to your business and the need to steer you in the right direction. We use efficient case management to minimize the impact on daily operations so you can focus on your business while we  work to resolve your disputes. We know where resources are best directed and where thorough preparation will produce best results. Whether it is initial investigation, deposition preparation, or review of essential documents we know how and where to prepare. We are always ready to try your case. In doing so we place your company in the best position to resolve and settle your dispute in a successful and favorable manner.  We protect your valuable business and its property from outside attack and are ready, willing and able to respond and defend.

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