Technology & Internet Law

We Develop the Proper Protection for Your Companies Hi-Tech Technologies. Our Experience and Knowledge in Legal Principles & Governing Conduct are Principle in Protecting Yourself in Emerging Internet & Cyber Law.

Technology Law

The protection and exploitation of a company’s technology requires an interdisciplinary approach. Emanuel D. Torti, our Technology Partner has a technical background in engineering and couples that with years of legal experience representing Hi-Tech Companies.

Devising the right strategy for the protection of the intellectual property contained in a particular technology varies from company to company and from technology to technology. Some technologies are best protected as trade secrets and others are not. Patent protection might be suitable for some technologies, bit not for others. Copyright protection is a viable alternative in other circumstances. Developing a technology protection strategy is important for your company and its shareholders.

Whether you are developing digital marketing software, tools and platforms;  software and apps; database designs; data transfer technologies; environmental solutions; medial devices; medical instrument sterilization machines; high speed welding systems; plastics technology; electromechanical devices; corrosion protection systems; lighting products or providing services to technology based companies; an ability to understand your products and services is critical to drafting agreements and defending you if litigation becomes necessary.

 Internet Law

 Internet law is an evolving area of the law, also called Cyber Law. Whether you are a Website Developer or a company hiring a company to create a Website, experience in preparing Website Development Agreements is critical and equally important if a dispute arises.

The responsibilities and potential liability of an Internet Service Provider (ISP) is addressed in new cases all the time.

Trademark, Copyright and Domain Name issues arise daily over improper usage of each on the internet. Web Page Linking issues arise daily.

Understanding of IAB Display Advertising Guidelines, Specification and Best Practices are imperative to both digital marketers and customers that market and advertise on the internet. Equally important is the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) Digital Marketing Communications Best Practice guidelines.

Having an experienced lawyer that has drafted numerous agreements for the internet, including Privacy Policies, Website User Agreements, Website Terms and Conditions, Web Linking Agreements, Hosting Agreements, Website Development Agreements, Site License Agreements, Cloud Services Agreements, Content License Agreements and Domain Name Agreements is imperative.

Privacy and Communications Decency Act

Experience in handling trade disparagement, defamation and threats over the internet is critical to protect your company, its brand and its people. A lawyer that has filed lawsuits to learn the identity of wrongdoers that hide behind the perceived anonymity of the internet will give you and your company the peace of mind it deserves.

Domain Name Disputes

Knowing the salient features of ICANN’s Uniform Dispute Resolution procedures and the Anti cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act helps protect your rights in your domain names.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing programs can be a great source of revenue or a source of problems. Drafting clear and concise Affiliate Marketing Agreements can help grow your business and avoid unnecessary disputed.

Digital Marketing

Whether your company is client side or service provider side, it is important form your lawyer to understand the internet and how digital marketing works within the vast array of digital marketing programs, such as SEO, Content Marketing, Social Medial Marketing, pay-per-click, display advertising and conversion optimization tools, techniques and platforms.

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